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Dec 9, 2013 2:00am PST
you know some of the metropolitan cities in taiwan for example type a kind shown in college and law courts the local concept the notion of light you see faulty legal people now looking like not just as the source of the truth. oh so as a way to make the city to make the buildings even people more beautiful than what we traveled down to some of the more rural areas. how was you know what they are primarily you know at the call to becoming a bit and pillows might be still a very import source of stupidity. you know especially at night and helpful people who travel in and out beyond the series. so how do you reconcile the differences among the people on this you know tiny iron and some of which thinking that i should become more of a connection because people would be a fireman on the other hand there are people still insisted on the fact that you don't like to be a source of utility unlike the weighty of people can travel safely to and from place to live as a very thick accent of course before the invention of lightly when people live and dark leaves can collect the two gone on at the
Dec 2, 2013 2:00am PST
to graduate of the alumni. so i would say maybe half the funding would come from the law not saying we're setting of this organization. it was our train were students. so please help us do this now for the young generation of students the house we got on the alumni. the other half by the time had already graduated from harvard business school. inside she went back to the harvard i want to look and told them it wouldn't do this. in a still of students but we're going to miss her very early work into it for the future generation of young taiwan students of which something they are very much agree to and can you please make a very very small commission me to them the money we were asked for was asking a lot of money. so i would say dance records was a mixture of both half and half horse half idealistic students and how idealistic. it also belongs to her already very successful and we're very very keen than happy to do with the nation's financial worth of programs and you note that the typo activities that you offer to the younger students today. well o we first started. the idea was to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2